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It is our team working together to “Help People With Their Cars” that results in the friendly customer service you'll find at Automobile Diagnostics.

Customer care specialists:

Our technicians are ASE certified

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Tammy Broughton:  Tammy joined the  team late in 2016 to fill the role of Customer Service Rep. Tammy is the smiling voice when you call or the happy face when you stop buy in person. With years of customer service experience she knows how to help people with their cars.


Don Whicker: Don joined the team in early 2004 as a Service Advisor. He now leads the customer care specialists to provide excellent customer service. He worked for NAPA for many years prior to 2004. He is married to Rene’, enjoys his granddaughter, playing his guitar, NASCAR, and riding his Harley.


Josh Broughton: Josh joined the team in April of 2013 bringing experience with writing service and helping people with their car concerns. Josh is our local NASCAR expert and has his own NASCAR room in his home. He lives in Edinburgh, and is a Jeff Gordon fan but we still love him as does his girlfriend Ashley.

Vehicle care specialists:

Scott Morris: Scott will have 28 years with the company in July 2015. Starting

fresh from technical school in 1988, he has developed into our top technician. He enjoys working

on vintage muscle cars and searching for prizes at flea markets and garage sales. He and

Teresa live in a log cabin in Brown county.


John Fields: John joined the team in December 2016 and brings many years of experience in the

automotive repair industry. He spends his free time and his Sunday mornings pastoring a church

in Greensburg. John lives in Westport with his wife Kathy.


Brad Vacketta: Brad started the company in 1979 when he came to Columbus to try out his new mechanical engineering degree with Cummins. Having the desire to run an automotive service shop full time led him to resign from Cummins in 1984 and be his own boss …and be his own bookkeeper, receptionist, and janitor. He is married to Lorraine and has two children.


He sees the business as an opportunity to grow, serve others, and give back to the community. Brad's faith in God motivates him to be honest, respectful, kind, and fair.