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SAVE with our Car Care Club

We're proud to offer you a host of great savings through our Car Care Club membership program. By joining the program, you can receive up to $400 of auto repair services for only $109, plus you'll be privy to hundreds of dollars in savings over the next year.


You must present your card at the time of service for the discount to be valid.

Steep discounts:

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Bring your car to a AAA-approved repair facility

Your car will be in tip-top shape by the time it leaves our shop. You can count on it. We're the only shop in the area that is certified as a AAA repair facility.

We offer a full 24 months or 24,000 miles warranty

Caring for your cars since 1979

You're not limited to using your Car Care Club Card on

only one car. So even if you may not need all the services on the card, you can share it with your spouse or a friend!


Not to mention, the Car Care Club Card makes an excellent gift for anyone that owns a car.

•  Four FREE oil changes (A $152 Value)

•  Tow-in for FREE (Up to a $60 Value)

•  Buy one get one FREE wipers ($20 value)

•  $30 off used car pre-purchase inspection

•  $35 off front or rear brakes

•  $30 off air conditioning services

•  $25 off fluid exchange service

•  $30 off fuel system induction service

•  $25 off Buyer’s Choice: SAVE on any service over $200